Exhibitor and Attendee Testimonials


“I shopped Moda in September and was very pleased with the exhibitors I saw. I’ve been doing the shows forever and Moda is always well-run with great amenities. You put on a great show, no question about it!”

Frank Fletcher
Marion Sports Shop (Marion, MA)

“We had a great time at Moda! The layout of the shows makes it very easy to walk around and we definitely discovered new lines for our store. It’s not just clearly laid out, but grouped really well in terms of exhibitors. Everything was great!”

Kristin Fitzgerald
Sherman Pickey (Washington, DC)

“The September 2013 Moda show exceeded our expectations. From the new sleek design and facelift of the booths to the enhancement of the lunches and the beer and wine reception, we could not have been happier. Our traffic was steady and the retailers that we met with were fantastic. The ability to meet with accounts from Metro New York, Long Island and the Mid Atlantic territory make this show paramount for our business. Sincere thanks to the entire Moda staff for all of their work to make the September show a success!”

Riley Associates
Lisette L

“Thanks for everything at the show! We had another record-breaking show. Compared to last year's September show, we grew our Moda business over 100%! What an amazing show for us!”

Kat Bodkin
Escapada Living

“Thank you for a great show. Tara Michelle has been exhibiting in a lot of shows lately and feel that Moda does a very nice job. We loved our booth placement as we have now developed friendships with Escapda and Just Madras being on the show circuit. You can bet that we will sign right up when you send out your January Show Contract!”

Tara Vessels
Tara Michelle

“We do all the Moda shows consistently. My favorite part about being here is getting to interact with my buyers face-to-face. It is more personal than a phone call or email! Moda provides a great environment to see almost everyone at the same time.”

Abby Diacon
Eliza J

“Moda August 2013 was amazing for the Clara S./Clara Sunwoo collection. We actually broke our previous New York trade show sales records and couldn't be happier. The venue is beautiful, open, and well thought out so buyers can easily find what they need. I believe Moda keeps changing and improving their image for both buyers and vendors. Clara S. has been with Moda from the beginning and we couldn't have made a better choice. Loyalty paid off and we have built a great business around quality buyers. Thank you for another great show!”

Roseann & Clara Sunwoo
Clara S./Clara Sunwoo

“We LOVE being at Moda! The customer service is amazing; they really care about their exhibitors and their growth which makes such a big difference for us. We couldn’t ask for more.”

Julian Chang
Julian Chang

“I like how being a part of Moda is like being a part of a family. Our clients know we’re here and it’s a nice, relaxed environment. It’s just easy. I always have only good things to say about Moda Manhattan.”

Juliana Ortega

“We have two locations in Brooklyn and I assist the owner at Moda Manhattan, AccessoriesTheShow and Fame. We had a fabulous time in May and did some really great buying. The vendors were great quality. We visited a lot of the exhibitors we already buy from but we saw a handful of new ones too.”

Kristin Creighton
Fanaberie (Brooklyn, NY)

“We shopped Moda Manhattan and AccessoriesTheShow in May. I thought the exhibitors were great quality and we discovered a bunch of fun items. We were looking for certain items and we found them. Overall, the shows were good!”

Kimberly Petroelje
Studio K (Holland, MI)

“Moda Manhattan, AccessoriesTheShow and Fame were great and I discovered new designers. I also like that the shows hand out complimentary bags and offer free lunch. You don’t get that anywhere else!”

Marilyn Goffin
23 South (Morristown, NJ)

“Our first day was an all time record day for us. Absolutely awesome! We’ve seen really good quality buyers and have had ALL new customers open accounts this show. The May market is important because it is Fall-focused; that’s good for us because we have Winter-focused product. Buyers are ready to buy and are really purchasing and writing orders this show.”

Amanda Van Rooyen
Donna Salyers’ Fabulous Furs

“We had big orders at Moda Manhattan and got a lot of new customers and new accounts. We saw a lot of buyers from Missouri, Long Island, New Jersey, New York, Texas, San Francisco… all over the place! I’m very happy.”

Patty Kim
Patty Kim

“We've been exhibiting at Moda Manhattan since last year and we always do well. Traffic has been good and we are happy with the buyers we've seen - opened a couple new accounts and saw a good amount of regulars. We love it here!"

Kimberly Barton
Sail to Sable

"I like the energy at Moda Manhattan and we met with stores from different territories than our usual. It's important for us to be here because it's a good opportunity to work with current customers as well as open new accounts. I also really like the size of the show. I feel like it's not too overwhelming for retailers and there’s a good merchandise mix on the floor."

Tracy Negoshian
Tracy Negoshian

“It’s important for us to be a part of a major show like Moda Manhattan because we see more national accounts. One of the main reasons we exhibit here is to meet the accounts we don’t see on the road and discover new ones from all over the country that we may not have known about. The buyers we’ve been seeing are our kind of stores.”

Alex Pagnotta
Second Yoga Jeans

“I come to every BJI Fashion Group show and they have just grown very nicely. The setup is really pretty! I think you guys have done a great job at making everything look and feel upscale. Also, the lunch is good! We really appreciate that it’s there because we’re always so busy. Without a good lunch, my girls get tired! Thank you.”

Lisa Gavin
Alapage (Bedford, NH)

“We enjoy going to Moda Manhattan, AccessoriesTheShow and FAME because there are always a lot of good exhibitors. We really like how everything is close together. All three shows are in one spot which is what we love about them.”

Denise Earley
The Boutique (Stowe, VT)

“It was our first time at Moda Manhattan, AccessoriesTheShow and FAME. The shows are bright, clean, and fresh with a really good layout. They are still big and there’s plenty to see, but not so big that you get lost. You know right where to go and the floor is easy to navigate. I also took advantage of the free on-site amenities and got a manicure at the Beauty Spa which was great. These shows are very much catered to the buyers. They treat their buyers well and make them feel appreciated. The shows had everything I needed and exceeded my expectations. It was a good experience all around.”

Anna Avrett
Vignettes (Augusta, GA)

“Moda Manhattan, AccessoriesTheShow and FAME in January were great! We picked up a few new designers which is good because we’re always on the hunt for new talent. It’s hard to point out one thing; everything about the shows was good!”

Ashley Ernest
Urban Gypsy (Roanoke, VA)

“We shopped Moda Manhattan, AccessoriesTheShow and FAME. My favorite part about these shows is the organization behind it all. We discovered a lot of new designers because the show was so well laid out and easy to shop. These brands stood out to us and were easy to find. We have a wide range of clientele and it’s easy for us to find new things for each. It was a very successful trip and we will continue to go back.”

Maryalice Lazarus
Rogers Trading Company (Birmingham, AL)

“This was our first time exhibiting in the January edition of Moda Manhattan and our expectations were greatly exceeded. The retail traffic at Moda was unbelievable; we were slammed. We met and wrote business with quality buyers and opened new accounts. Dee and Vanessa are always great and it was just a great experience for us. We think you should put this show on every two months!”

Liz Lighton
Dizzy Lizzie

“This was our first time exhibiting in Moda Manhattan and the traffic was great. We saw more retailers in the first day than we’ve seen at other shows from start to finish. I love the look of the show and show management was wonderful to work with. I find it was important for my brand to be at Moda Manhattan.”

Andy Morrell

“The September edition of Moda Manhattan was amazing! Traffic was good and consistent, we had a great location on the floor, and we saw really good quality retailers doing streamline buying. We had repeat business from the January show as well as some new west coast buyers we had never seen before. Also, the look of Moda Manhattan is great. It has a modern feel without being over the top.”

Carrie Hanlon

“Moda Manhattan was our best show ever! Our move-in was seamless and the staff is incredibly helpful- especially with any last minute additions to our booth which was a huge relief. Also, the layout of the show floor is perfect for our brand. I like the way the lines are merchandized because it really helps buyers think about their own stores and how they should merchandize them. The organization of the floor helps buyers plan their day, be transactional, and know who to see in each product category. It makes things easier!”

Sarah Carson Cloud
Leota New York

“What I like most about Moda Manhattan are the buyers that shop there. They actually look as they walk by, stop to shop and take their time. They come to the show looking to buy new lines which is why we like to exhibit there- we pick up accounts! In the September show, the quality of retailers was awesome and we made really good, solid orders. I was excited to see all my good existing customers and an equal amount of new ones that we’ve built relationships with from being at Moda. I’m very happy!”

Katie Seigel

“Moda Manhattan puts on a beautiful show; it’s cohesive, orderly and even the food is really good! Furthermore, the show management team has created an intimate environment where everyone who walks in the door feels comfortable. People like to be treated with respect and that’s what you get at Moda. There’s a whole energy here that makes people feel good and makes people want to stay.”

Judy Collier

“I saw nice quality exhibitors at Moda Manhattan and AccessoriesTheShow. The shows are definitely well laid out and it’s easy to find things. I also like how these shows are calmer than and not as wild as other shows. It’s nice. You can quietly shop and get your work done. I know I’ll be back in February!”

Katherine Robertsburger
K Boutique (Chattanooga, TN)

“I attend Moda Manhattan, AccessoriesTheShow and Fame because the vendors that I need to see are there. I also like the Javits; I prefer when shows are at convention centers.”

Bethany Mazza
Green Ink Boutique (Wickford, RI)

“The quality of exhibitors at Moda Manhattan, AccessoriesTheShow and Fame is good as well as the layout of the shows. There was definitely a good merchandise mix at the September editions. We picked up at least one or two new designers.”

Alicia Eger
Coco Blu (Wayne, PA)

“Moda Manhattan, AccessoriesTheShow and Fame are easy to navigate and laid out very well. They are always a good place to get a feel for what’s coming in fashion. Also, I really like the venue and how everything is all together. It’s convenient and we get a lot done in one swoop!”

Diane Maxey
The Shoe Closet (Wichita Falls, TX)

"In general it [Moda Manhattan] was a good show for my brand. We opened a decent number of new legitimate accounts and several of my key accounts came to write fall. Our location was terrific and the booth was setup perfectly before we arrived; which was amazing!”

Beth Gold Cohen
Lysse Leggings

“Moda Manhattan has really refined itself. Better stores are attending even on the first day; it’s an important show to be at and they know it! We saw some of the finest stores in the United States and they weren’t just in and out, they were here to stay. I also like the format of the show. It’s nice that the aisles are categorized specifically by product. Moda Manhattan makes things so simple for the buyer.”

Michelle Vella
212 Showroom

“Moda Manhattan has been an excellent venue for exposure as well as a great platform for us to thrive as a business. We opened up accounts with a handful of wonderful, wonderful stores. Since coming to Moda Manhattan, we’ve experienced a tenfold increase in business.”

Adam & Janine Weil
Janine Weil

“I’ve been going to Moda Manhattan and AccessoriesTheShow for at least 10 years now. I am glad they’re there and I enjoy going. We found what we were looking for at the August edition - we usually do!”

Diane Nicotera
Presence (Buffalo, NY)

“We’re a New York store so I really like the proximity of Moda Manhattan and AccessoriesTheShow. The merchandise mix is also good. Some of the brands we like to see at the shows are Brighton and Product Showroom.”

Rachel Ahrenholz
Rambling Rose (New Paltz, NY)

“This was our first time at Moda Las Vegas and it’s been a great jumping off point for our brand. We learned a lot and had a very successful market week. We met some great people during the show. About 95% of our traffic were walk-ins and I thought they were great quality stores.”

Katy Etheridge
Two Old Hippies

“Moda Las Vegas is important for us because I meet with customers from the Midwest, East and West Coasts, as well as Canada. They like to see me here and it’s excellent exposure to the right kind of retailers. It’s one of my favorite shows. Traffic has been perfect.”

Karen Klein
Karen Klein

“Moda Las Vegas and AccessoriesTheShow are easy to shop. We found new designers, both in clothing and accessories. They are well-done shows and I can’t think of anything I’d change about them.”

Dana Culbertson
JJ Wells (Boulder, CO)

“We had a great experience at Moda Las Vegas and AccessoriesTheShow. We found new designers and saw a lot of fresh, new stuff. The overall quality of exhibitors was great and we’re so excited to get product from Tees by Tina. Her stuff is amazing!”

Rebecca Baumann
Get Dressed (Dayton, OH)

“We always have a good experience at Moda Manhattan, AccessoriesTheShow, and Fame. It’s easy to register, they are well-laid out, easy to get to, and the transportation is great – it’s all very convenient! Easy shows with good quality exhibitors.”

Brittany Carlson
Dalton Pratt (Washington, DC)

“We shopped the May editions of Moda Manhattan, AccessoriesTheShow, and Fame. We like coming to New York and love how everything is all in one place at the Javits; it makes it easy. I thought the quality of exhibitors on the floor was great. We’re able to see exhibitors in the New York area that we don’t see anywhere else and the show is beautiful.”

Iva Fearing
Tassels (Morehead City, NC)

“I like everything about Moda Manhattan and AccessoriesTheShow and have not one complaint or suggestion to improve them... And for me, this is really good! I found several new vendors at both shows and especially appreciate the layout and ease of finding designers on the floor. It makes a very exhausting and tedious schedule so much easier for the buyers.”

Lauri Katz-Parker
Barbara Katz (Boca Raton, FL)

“I’ve done many Moda shows over the years and this was a very good one, especially attendance-wise. The quality of retailers was great! It gets better all the time. The May edition is important because people are buying later and later, so it is a key show for the Fall market.”

Shiela Rubin
Joan Vass

“We had a great show at Moda Manhattan. We are absolutely thrilled! May is the best show of the year for us because Spring is starting to reorder and buyers are feeling confident. It’s the Javits center too; they like the venue and feel good about it. The quality of retailers was great. We saw a lot of people we’ve known forever and a lot of really good specialty stores.”

Julie Root
Product Showroom

“We are very happy to be a part of Moda Manhattan and look forward to building our sales on the East Coast. The Moda Team has been professional on every level and it’s been a great experience.”

Joyce Snyder
Stop Staring!

“The contacts we’ve made at Moda Manhattan have been awesome! From Brooklyn to Chicago, buyers have come ready to place orders.”

Domenica Brockman

“I came to Moda Manhattan because I heard about the show from a lot of people. Since I carry Alpaca product, our ideal customer is here on the East Coast and in the colder states. Boutiques with our style shop the floor and the quality of retailers is very good. I made really great connections with people that seemed very happy to find us. I’m excited for the next show! I’ll be back in May.”

Marie-Christine Girton
Peruvian Link

“Moda Manhattan is important because the show is a good way to get feedback on upcoming seasons; it’s nice to get the opinions of specialty stores. Buyers seemed really excited about our product and we opened some really good new accounts. We had a great show!”

Aja Robinson
Fever Clothing

“We had a very good experience at Moda Manhattan. The February market is important to us because Florida basically closes this time of year; however, New England and all those areas are coming in so we’re able to sell Immediate Spring. We opened a lot of new accounts.”

Kenny Gerwit
Barbara Gerwit

“We shopped all three shows and LOVED it! I thought there was a wide selection of vendors and great variety on the show floor. We were very satisfied and can’t wait to go back.”

Stavroulla Ploutis Kokkinis
3 Sisters (Alexandria, VA)

“I loved all three shows and everything I could possible want was there. The quality of designers was great, plus everyone was very friendly and I liked the venue.”

James Wilson
House of Jawi (Bernardsville, NJ)

“This was our first time at Moda Las Vegas and it was a great show for us. We were able to pick up new accounts and the price points were more cohesive. We loved the venue, including the wide aisles, lighting, ambiance, and food.“

Colin Brockman
Double D Ranch

“Our first time at Moda Las Vegas was our best Las Vegas show to date. We appreciate the venue, the staff, the environment, and the professional manner in which the show is produced. Most importantly, our stores loved working with Lilla P at Moda Las Vegas! We look forward to returning in August.”

Pauline Nakios
Lilla P

“We had a very strong Las Vegas show and look to build from it. Not only was it strong number wise, but a positive experience all around. BJI runs very professional shows. We met with 44 new specialty stores and two majors that I don't necessarily think we would have without being a part of Moda Las Vegas.”

Sam Boe
Tyler Boe

“We had a 50% increase over last February at Moda Las Vegas. It was really fun being that busy and opening all these great accounts. The new stores that have never been to the show were really impressed by the look and the quality of designers. It's interesting how many Midwest and out of territory stores shop Moda. We opened new accounts in Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, Alaska, Arizona and Colorado. Many of the stores we worked with came back two different days.”

Renee Cohen
Renee Cohen Sales, LLC

“I was busy from start to finish and even a few hours afterwards. We ended up closing at 8pm on Sunday and Monday. I have had nothing but positive comments from my clients; they appreciate the width of the aisles, wider means they are not walking into other buyers to get down the rows, and the brightness of the show.”

Valerie Laranjo
SST America/Saint James USA

“Moda Las Vegas is important to us because we see international clients, as well as retailers from states like Michigan and Nebraska. We even opened a new account in North Dakota! The show offers a diverse outreach for us.”

Sheila Hill
Launch USA

“We came to Moda Manhattan with a very open mind and were pleasantly surprised. We met with good quality, serious retailers; about 80% of the people who visited our booth wrote orders. Also, the sales team is amazing. They make you feel comfortable and really look out for you.”

Ravi Bhushan

”Moda Manhattan was an excellent platform to introduce our newer line "SUNSET RD." to a broad spectrum of better specialty store boutiques. We found an audience that was looking for newer trend-right women's apparel incorporating current styling and trends.”

Bob Bresenhan
Sunset Rd.

“Sometimes traffic isn’t always good traffic, but at Moda Manhattan it was tremendous because it was all retailers wanting to do business. I never stopped writing. We worked until the last minute and the quality of buyers was excellent.”

Viviana Gabeiras
Petit Pois

“It was my first time attending the August edition of Moda Manhattan; it definitely exceeded my expectations. The quality of vendors was above average and the price points were what I was looking for. I thought the shuttle buses were a great convenience to the retailers. I look forward to attending future shows.”

Stephanie Rozanovich
Trend Boutique (Cincinnati, OH)

"This was the first Moda Manhattan show Parkhurst exhibited in and it was an enormous success. With the great help of Dee Gratz Jones, we were able to get into the show at the 11th hour. We were busy with customers from the start of the show to the finish, and I mean finish – we were writing straight up to the close of the show. We wrote 30 orders in three days and gave out over 75 sets of catalogs. This is something that would have never happened in our showroom. Exposure to all the retailers at Moda Manhattan was a key component to the success of the show for Parkhurst. We also made contact with four multi-store chains, including a division of J. Crew. We look forward to participating in the upcoming August show."

Rhonda Spiegel
Parkhurst Knitwear

"This past May edition of Moda Manhattan was a good show for us. We felt the traffic and the quality of the buyers who attended the show were great. We were able to meet our sales goals and thought that Dee Gratz Jones could not have been more helpful, as well as the rest of the Moda team. The appearance of the show was visually very bright, airy and cheerful. We feel the May market is very important for seasonal stores and they definitely came to the show.”

Janine Weil
Showroom 200

“This was my first time attending Moda Las Vegas. The show is very pleasing to the eye, well-presented and organized. I liked the array of vendors- good mix and variety.”

Ann Mortensen
Annbrosia (Anchorage, AK)

"I always attend Moda Las Vegas. It is easy to navigate, in a wonderful location and very accessible. I even found a new designer, Love Token."

Susana Cota
Mouette (Chula Vista, CA)

""Moda Manhattan has been terrific! The variety of retailers is extremely encouraging and we feel that the show just keeps getting better and better! The retailers seem to be thrilled walking through and finding something new and fresh. There is a noticeable difference in the aesthetics and it is definitely attracting the better retailers."

Lisa Shapiro
Lisa Todd - Now or Never

"We did some great business this season at Moda Manhattan. A lot of new accounts that we normally wouldn’t be exposed to have come by to place orders. Everyone from our fellow exhibitors to show management has been extremely cooperative and helpful."

Neil Kronovet
Dressed 2 Kill

"For our first time exhibiting with Moda Las Vegas we wrote a lot of orders. I saw many serious buyers at this show and I appreciate the layout because it is very retailer friendly. I just wish all trade shows were like Moda Las Vegas!"

Chris Chaudry

"We previously participated in the August edition of Moda Las Vegas and we are currently up 30% from that show; this February show has been great for us. The buyers are in attendance and they are here to buy. I would say 9 out of 10 buyers, which came into our booth, wrote an order. Moda Las Vegas is just an amazing show."

Denise Lodahl
Allen Allen

"This is my second time exhibiting at Moda Las Vegas. My experience here has been great because the right buyers for my product attend this show. I think the show has a beautiful design. Show management assists us with unloading our freight, bringing boxes to our booth and with move-out. Moda Las Vegas is a very desirable show and I look forward to exhibiting in the future."

Judy Autumn Mann
Judith Autumn Mann

"This is our first time exhibiting in Moda Las Vegas and we were more than pleased with our experience. Moda Las Vegas creates a specific environment where the retailers at the show are looking to buy. In the past 30 minutes we have worked with 6 different retailers. It has been a pleasure exhibiting in Moda Las Vegas."

Zak Far & Clarence Williams
Love Token

"Moda Las Vegas was great!!! Everyone was very pleasant and the set-up made it easy to move around. Nothing but positive words to say about the show! We are excited to have found some new lines and we are already talking about our next year's buying adventure. Our stay at The Palazzo was beautiful; we are happy to have experienced Las Vegas."

Donna Kettner
Green Apples (Cocoa, FL)

"Moda Las Vegas is a great show! I found a new line that I am really excited about and can't wait to get the merchandise in the store. The cab fare reimbursement is a very nice perk - it's the thought that counts."

Janie Anderson
Pistachio Boutique (Abbotsford, Canada)

"It was great to be able to see Tommy Bahama for Women at Moda Las Vegas. The setting for the show is always nice and really seems more "civilized" than the other shows. Also, the comfortable area for buyers to have lunch - and the lunch itself was excellent! Much appreciated for buyers that open each day and close each night....!!"

Janelle Rose
Willow Tree (Wyandotte, MI)

"Since we do all of our buying in New York now, we would not miss Moda Manhattan. There is no need to make appointments with our showroom vendors because we are seeing more of them here. We found a ton of new merchandise at this edition. Shopping the show is made easy due to the well-planned layout and generous booth spacing; this makes traffic at the show flow well and shopping less hectic. I really appreciate the usefulness of the show directory. Moda Manhattan is a very pleasant experience for us and I look forward to attending future shows."

Alexandra Bratton
On A Whim (Oklahoma City, OK)

"Moda Manhattan has a great selection of designers! There was a lot of traffic but the layout of the show floor made it easy to shop. The wide aisles helped to ensure that it was not overcrowded and I was able to get around."

Boris Chenkis
After Five (Vancouver, BC)

"Moda Manhattan is my favorite show to attend because I regularly find new products for the store. Always a great experience!"

Priscilla Halvorson
Priscilla's Chic Boutique (Yakima, WA)

"I no longer shop other shows because I do so well at Moda Manhattan. It is a wonderful show and I am extremely happy."

Susan Isenberg
NYFO Boutique (Norfolk, VA)

"I found this past edition of Moda Manhattan to be very exciting, energetic and filled with new ideas, trends and merchandise. I am so glad that I went because I felt re-connected to the pulse of forward thinking businesses!"

Jacque Malick
Jacque Michelle (Boulder, CO)

"We are always able to find new and exciting Resort and Spring/Summer merchandise at Moda Manhattan. This is great because we shop seasonally for our boutique. Specifically, the variety and freshness of the designs is what appeals to us. We appreciate that the shows are all in one convenient location, which is easy and accessible. We look forward to attending future editions of Moda Manhattan."

Nancy Cook
The Twig Shop (Vero Beach, FL)

"The January edition of Moda Manhattan, in particular, is the one show we look forward to attending. We discovered so many new resources at this past show. The venue is wonderful, very accessible and we appreciate the complimentary lunch because it makes our shopping experience much more convenient. I look forward to attending the next Moda Manhattan show."

Linda Shikany
Marigold (Indianapolis, IN)

"Moda Manhattan is a great show! I always appreciate the fact that the buyers are fed and we are able to check our coats. The layout makes it easy to shop."

Ricki Peltzman
Upstairs on 7th (Washington, DC)

"I always like attending Moda Manhattan for the new lines on the show floor. I placed a large order with a new exhibitor I met at this past show that I am really excited about. The Javits location is also really great because it is convenient during the market week."

Liz Montgomery
Papillon (Bellevue, WA)

"Elizabeth Grace has been the easiest brand launch I have ever worked on, and I must give credit to Moda which has been our launching pad. Moda has successfully provided us with an environment where we can capitalize on the advanced contemporary/missy market. Our customer needs the missy fit but demands contemporary styling and these educated buyers shop Moda. The reaction that we have received from our premium denim and woven collections has been tremendous and we look forward to many shows to come!"

Victoria Varney
Elizabeth Grace

"I had a wonderful market at Moda; it was very successful. My sales staff and I were very pleased with customer traffic, booth location, and all the accommodations. Dee was very professional and attentive, which is greatly appreciated."

Rina di Montella
Rina di Montella

"Moda definitely has our customer base. We opened 19 new accounts at the show! With an increase in accounts opened, as well as an increase in the sales we made, it was absolutely a successful show. Retailers were happy because the show wasn't overwhelming - the layout was easy to maneuver and it is a pretty venue."

Millie Troll
The Luxe Showroom

"Moda Manhattan - a class act with a capital "C." From the show management team to the show floor, Moda is always finding ways to move forward and make the venue more beautiful and profitable for both exhibitors and buyers. We're proud to be a part of their success."

Joel & Ellen Rappaport
rapps - new york

"Moda Manhattan was a really great show! We were very pleased with the space and location of our booth and saw all of our established customers and opened several new accounts as well. We were also glad to have been given the opportunity to participate in the Moda In-Show Network, in which our ads were broadcast on the TV screens throughout the show floor, providing additional exposure to buyers."

Marina Abayeva
Karen Kane

"We had a good show at Moda Manhattan. The quality of retailers was great and the decor was very chic."

Patric Kilcullen
Product Showroom

"The show management team at Moda is great, the show looks really good and there are quality retailers who attend - what more could you ask for in a trade show."

Kristen Agotta