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It Is Time for STITCH

Building off of the tremendous momentum that has been cresting over the last few seasons, BJI Fashion Group has announced the rebranding of Moda Las Vegas with the launch of STITCH.STITCH is focused and refined. It is the right mix of contemporary, sportswear, lifestyle and international brands. It is all carefully juried and merchandized. It is elegantly staged with seasonal inspiration and the utmost of care and attention to detail.With the launch of STITCH, the show will now be clearly recognized as THE SHOW in Las Vegas where the world's most important retailers converge each … [Read more...]

Las Vegas August 21-23, 2012 Transition/Spring 13

Winning in Las Vegas requires playing each hand you are dealt to maximum advantage. The advantage comes from knowing the odds and the intricacies of every situation. It's not just true at the gaming tables, but in our business as well. When it comes to Las Vegas Market week, it is clear that the buyers are overwhelmed when all of the shows run the exact same three days. Of late, we have been able to solve this issue by opening a day earlier than the other industry events. However, for August of 2012, a mega corporate event takes place right before us and this will preclude us from being the … [Read more...]

Las Vegas February 12-14, 2012 Transition/Fall 2012

Moda Las Vegas will house an inspiring, well-edited selection of over 225 designers- under one roof- this February 2012 market. Transition/Fall resources will extend from Contemporary Lifestyle collections to European goods to Luxury Outerwear, as well as Better women’s RTW, brimming with an extensive show floor 25% larger than last year.  Our commitment to a tightly juried and carefully merchandised array of collections remains constant to provide access to some of the most well-known names in the industry. At Moda Las Vegas, tight jurying will ensure you will find the right resources that … [Read more...]

Las Vegas August 21-23, 2011 Transition/Spring 12

The elegance and sophistication of the August edition of MODA Las Vegas is unmatched. Even more tightly juried than the NY edition, with room for just over 300 lines of the best RTW available, MODA Las Vegas is THE shopping experience for the better market in Las Vegas. Uniqueness, quality and accessibility are all essential to success in today's market and it is all part of the mix at MODA Las Vegas. … [Read more...]